Sonoma Healing Retreat

with Anna Runkle

May 5-7 2024 in California's Wine Country


$650 (Annual Members) or $750 (Non-Members) 


Two Days to Immerse Yourself and Heal The Symptoms That Block You 

At last, here's an opportunity to work with Anna in person, and soak up the techniques and principles you've come to love. Adapted from her popular online courses, the retreat offers a focused, supportive, group environment to help you calm painful CPTSD reactions and apply real strategies for sustained healing.

  • Identify and reduce the triggers that drive your symptoms
  • Decrease dysregulation and master re-regulation of your nervous system and emotions
  • Expand your capacity to connect with others and break isolation
  • Experience true support with Anna, Cara and your peers within the group
  • Feel more ease, joy and freedom to become your true self

What's Included In the Sonoma Retreat?

✓ Two days of in-person teaching with Anna Runkle (see the schedule and curriculum, right)

✓ Immersive healing and learning in the beautiful wine country town of Sonoma

✓ Camaraderie and support from a group of your peers who share your dedication to healing, whom you'll get to know through small group work and free time activities

✓ Care and guidance from Anna's onsite team, including Cara Alexander

 ✓ Private Slack group where you and others from your retreat group can meet, plan to share rides or rooms if you like, and stay in touch after the retreat. 

Schedule and Curriculum:


Sunday 5/5 

  • Check-in at the Sonoma Valley Inn (or your chosen accommodations), do your Daily Practice, and enjoy dinner on your own. Optional group walk in the late afternoon, and group picnic in Sonoma Plaza at 6:00 (Cinco de Mayo festivities will just be wrapping up).

Monday 5/6 8:30-4:30 PM

  • Learning, small group work, Q&A with Anna (lunch 12:00-1:30, on your own). 3:45-4:30 Daily Practice. Dinner on your own.

Tuesday 5/7 8:30-4:30

  • Learning, small group work, Q&A with Anna (lunch 12:00-1:30, on your own). 3:45-4:30 Daily Practice. 

Please be prepared to attend both days.





What It's Like to Learn with Anna



Who is the Sonoma Retreat For?

The Sonoma Retreat is open to men and women of all ages:
  • You're affected by abuse and/or neglect in your childhood, and you want to get free.
  • You yearn to have closer relationships, less fear, more confidence, less anger, and more ease overall.
  • You are not in crisis.
  • You welcome the opportunity to release stories of the past and focus now on healing your own symptoms in present time.
  • You're ready to see and work on your own triggers, and learn to calm them.
  • You are ready for immersive learning of Anna's techniques and her approach to healing.
  • Though your CPTSD symptoms flare sometimes, you are comfortable in a group with others, and can maintain courtesy and kindness.
  • You would value a group of supportive peers to help you take positive steps toward the life you want.


Admission is Through a Two-Step Process

  1. Fill out an online application form (click the orange button below). 
  2. If your needs/interests appear to be a fit for this event, we'll send you a link to register and pay, or reach out for a quick Zoom call to talk about your needs first. 

If you have questions, please reach out to us at [email protected], and put "Retreat Question" in subject line. 


Cost of Tuition: 

      $650 (Annual Members) or $750 (Non-Members) 

        Become a member now and apply your discount to tuition).

         Coupon codes for discounts will be applied at the time of registration.

         Please note that tuition does not include the cost of your room. 

         We're sorry, but no scholarships are available for this program.


[email protected]


Cost of Accommodations:

We encourage you to book your room as soon as you register for the retreat. We have a GREAT rate ($169/night, plus taxes and fees) on a room block at the Sonoma Valley Inn, offered on a first-come, first-served basis to our retreat registrants.

For these rooms, you must call the front desk at Sonoma Valley Inn at 707-938-9200 and ask for the “Crappy Childhood Fairy” room block. 

We suggest you wait to book your room until you have accepted and registered for the retreat.


Important Details 


The Schedule:

Please be prepared to attend the full retreat on Monday and Tuesday. 


Etiquette & Guidelines

As in all Anna's programs, we have strong guidelines designed to keep the group focused, relaxed and safe: 

  • We never talk about politics.
  • It's OK to identify your favorite healing approaches, your faith or spirituality (or lack of it), and (gently) what happened in your past.
  • We never tell others what they should think, do, or believe.
  • We avoid criticism, and favor encouragement instead.
  • We are careful not to talk in detail about abuse, physical or sexual, as it is triggering for listeners and can trigger dysregulation in you.
  • In other approaches to healing, you may have been taught to focus on what happened to you in the past. Here we shift the focus to what's happening in US right now. We work to notice and heal symptoms, and make positive changes in our lives.
  • We honor others' privacy; we don't gossip about participants or share their stories outside the group.
  • Anna and her team are not therapists or doctors: If you are emotionally/psychologically fragile and could be harmed by participation, this is not the retreat for you.
  • You may not agree with everything that is said or taught; we invite you to Take what you like and leave the rest. 

Refund Policy

  • If you register, pay and then change your mind, you may get a full refund (minus the transaction fee of about 4%) through February 29.
  • From March 1 to March 31, you may get a 50% refund. 
  • There will be no refunds after April 1.

Questions? [email protected] 



 Here's What People Are Saying 


"Anna's program was incredibly powerful. I felt lost -- and like I had no control over my emotions. Walking through the program week by week was exactly what I needed. The Daily Practice has given me the clarity and healing I have desperately needed. The people in the group are so supportive, and there's so much learning that happens by watching others get coached. I'm so glad I took the dive and invested in myself. The transformation was profound.



"I have long prided myself on being an active listener able to remain present throughout. But Anna Runkle takes this skill to a whole new level. It's not that I felt seen, it's that I knew beyond a doubt I WAS seen and understood and accepted. I want to be able to do that for people. At 75 this program is giving me another chance to recognize and become an authentic person, capable and devoted to giving and receiving love."



"The best thing for me about the workshop was the realization that here I was sitting in a room FULL of people, just like me. It was overwhelming in a good way. I began to slowly feel this guard which I didn't realize I had up...slowly come down. I felt vulnerable, and it felt GOOD.”

"Meeting Anna in person and feeling her warmth, generosity and love for all of us... Her workshop was full of all of the humor, beauty, transparency and direct teaching that you see in her videos. She is a true gift! I really felt like I was among safe friends in room full of people and I would participate again in a heartbeat."



"I feel like I finally got the memo! I discovered the Crappy Childhood Fairy on YouTube and decided to join the coaching intensive because Anna was providing concrete, practical suggestions to address CPTSD. Having been to years of therapy and spent years exploring the world of self-help, there were still things that were a mystery to me. The coaching intensive allowed me to become aware of things that used to be huge blind spots. Being part of a community of others on a journey to heal from CPTSD has been incredibly valuable. I've gained new awareness that has allowed me to have more peace and confidence in my life and there is more and deeper connection in my relationships. Those close to me have noticed it too. I'm thankful to be on this healing journey and part of the Crappy Childhood Fairy community."


 "This was the first time in my life that I have felt so deeply understood by a group of people. Words cannot really express how much it meant to me, to have our shared experiences and difficulties acknowledged and talked about and the immense hope for healing and freedom from our past that brings. I already feel 100 times happier than I did before the event. I am so grateful that Anna and the team care enough about humanity to show us how we can heal and become our true versions of ourselves. This has been such a significant event to me and a pivotal point in my life."



"You have transformed my life. Your calming, honest yet firm manner is exactly what I never had but needed. Your life experience, means you aren’t afraid of the crazy traumatic lives that you hear about. The fact that I haven’t bombarded you with all the horrors of my life is due to your teachings. I look forward to learning more."


"I found it very encouraging to be part of a group that gave me the feeling of being understood and appreciated by the other members. I think this course really helped me to make some major progress in my healing journey."


About Anna Runkle

Best known as "The Crappy Childhood Fairy," Anna is the creator of the popular YouTube channel, blog and courses where she has taught nearly a million women and men worldwide her techniques and principles to heal symptoms of CPTSD. Anna is not a therapist or doctor. Her methods were developed through her  research, her one-on-on mentoring of hundreds of women over the years, and her direct experience healing her own symptoms of early trauma. Anna lives in Oakland, California with her husband and two sons.

Booking Your Room at Sonoma Valley Inn 


Once you've been accepted to the retreat, you are urged to book your room at The Sonoma Valley Inn as soon as possible, to ensure you have access to rooms reserved at our group rate of $169 (plus taxes and fees). 

When you book, please call the front desk at 707-938-9200 and ask for the “Crappy Childhood Fairy” room block.

We strongly encourage you to stay at the resort in order to participate in the peace of the resort environment, and to have the opportunity to meet and enjoy time with other participants. 


Questions? Contact us at [email protected]