Get access to all five of my courses (see course details below) and twice-monthly Member Group Coaching calls with me, all for one discounted price. Membership offers immersion in my unique healing techniques and principles; you can learn and practice them quickly or slowly, in whatever order is best for you.

You'll also be invited to join the growing community of people with Childhood PTSD who support one another in healing and learning through my courses and calls, through our secret Facebook group, where you'll have the opportunity to participate in peer-led group calls and activities.

Price: $499/yr or $59/mo


A Message from the Fairy


Without a doubt, purchasing the Membership has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. At last, I've found a group that completely understands how it feels to be me -- a place of complete safety and support! Thank you Crappy Childhood Fairy!


 Want more out of your healing? 



Access to ALL my online courses for 12 full months.


Core teachings in each course on subjects that impact you most.


Worksheets to help apply the principles and change your life.


Invitation to join live Member Group Coaching calls, twice monthly on Zoom.

1,000+ WOMEN & MEN

Practice techniques and share peer support in our secret Facebook group for members.


Free Access to Anna's popular monthly webinars.



Healing Childhood PTSD

Learn the science, symptoms, and strategies that help heal the lasting effects of early trauma.

  • Best place to begin learning my techniques and principles
  • Explore emerging science, newly understood symptoms, and practical strategies for healing

  • Learn about the one core symptom that drives most other trauma symptoms

  • 3+ hours of video, plus worksheets to apply lessons and plan your breakthrough

Dating and Relationships

Learn to heal destructive patterns that are holding you back from healthy, lasting love.

  • Designed¬†for single people ready to change negative relationship patterns

  • Define¬†your ideal partner and avoid self-deceptive thinking so you can steer clear of unavailable and inappropriate people

  • Structured dating plan to prevent too-early bonding, so you can build a loving relationship that lasts

  • 3+ hours of video plus worksheets

Dysregulation Bootcamp

20-day program teaches about  dysregulation -- what causes it and how to calm triggers. 

  • 20-day program with videos/worksheets delivered to your inbox each day

  • Learn to notice dysregulation and stay regulated more of the time

  • Instruction in basic techniques you can practice daily to calm triggers

  • More than an hour of video content plus special meditation MP3

Connection Bootcamp

A 30-day program to heal trauma wounds and create more connected relationships.

  • 30-day program with one video and one worksheet delivered to your inbox each day

  • Learn CPTSD's common patterns of avoidance, isolation, and conflict that keep you disconnected and alone

  • Step-by-step instruction to break your isolation and create more trusting, authentic, and happy relationships with the people in your life

  • 4+ hours of video and worksheets to help you develop daily habits of connection that build ease and comfort in social situations

The Daily Practice

Brief and powerful course teaches you the specific techniques to help calm CPTSD symptoms. These are the foundation of all my teachings.

  • Follow along with the specific writing and meditation methods that, used together twice a day, can help calm dysregulation and fearful, resentful thinking that forms a block against healing
  • Learn the history of the techniques and how I learned them
  • Includes answers to common questions for new practitioners, with guidance for integrating the technique into daily life
Community & Support

Connect with Anna and hundreds of other members in this positive and friendly online community.

  • Invitation to join our secret Facebook group where you’ll find support, activities and several peer-led Daily Practice calls each day
  • Twice-monthly LIVE group coaching calls with Anna, where you can ask questions, listen, and find a buddy. Past group coaching call recordings available.

  • Free access to monthly LIVE 90-minute webinars covering a variety of topics related to living with CPTSD including relationships, career, dysregulation and more.
  • Discounts on coaching programs and more


What Students Are Saying

"I'm a trauma therapist myself. Your videos are amazing and the best help for people with CPTSD. I haven't found any material like yours. You are precise (and also correct!), efficient, and yet loving in your explanations. Thank you so much!"


"It's difficult for me to find words to describe how much calmer and serene I feel going into the rest of my day having done only my first exercise.  Astonishing, really.  I don't think I've ever felt this calm before in my life. Wow. I'm weeping with joy."

"I hope you know what a gift you are to those with CPTSD. No more meds or useless therapy, just freedom. I lived most of my life afraid of myself. Now, I love myself. God and Anna led me there. May God continue to bless the work you do."


"The information you share quite literally saved me and changed my life. It reduced the feelings of shame, blame, and self-loathing I have acquired and created through my 58 years. I thank you. Lots of love to you and those who support you."

"I was diagnosed with PTSD ten years ago. I’m 23 next month. I feel so relieved to know I’m not alone. I’ve let my trauma swallow me completely, isolating myself because I’m scared of any social interaction. Thank you for helping us heal."


"I'm so very grateful to have found your work. I'm also very grateful that the membership is so affordable. I was very overwhelmed by not finding a therapist who supported me in a way that pushed my healing forward. I feel so relieved to have access to tools."

Meet Your Instructor

I'm Anna Runkle, and I'm the creator and founder of the Crappy Childhood Fairy YouTube channel and website.

I am a trauma survivor (not a doctor or therapist) using recent research and my own experience recovering from the effects of childhood trauma to offer guidance on recovery from CPTSD. My simple but radical approach supports healing, whether you have access to professional help or not.

For 28 years, I have taught my techniques and principles to more than 500,000 people around the world. I live with my husband and two sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.


More Student Reviews

"Anna, you're so amazing! You have no idea the bright light you are for so many of us. You have given us reason, tools, understanding, grace. I love how you give tough love in a very graceful way. Thank you for being brave enough to share your knowledge."

"Anna is the real deal. She's easy to relate to and exudes warmth and wisdom. After completing the Bootcamp course and using the tools provided, I've experienced less emotional dysregulation, it's down to almost none. No joke."

"I have been doing your techniques for a month, and they have made a difference. I don't feel as plagued by past thoughts. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate your hard work. Even my husband is joining in on the program."

Become a Member

Join a positive, like-minded community of 3,500+ members, and take a bold step toward healing the symptoms that have been holding you back.

Monthly Plan


  • Healing Childhood PTSD ($269)
  • Dysregulation Bootcamp ($139)
  • Dating and Relationships ($239)
  • Connection Bootcamp ($229)
  • Group Coaching Calls ($1,200)
  • Monthly Webinars ($420)
  • The Daily Practice Course & Calls
  • Secret Facebook Group

Annual Plan


  • Healing Childhood PTSD ($269)
  • Dysregulation Bootcamp ($139)
  • Dating and Relationships ($239)
  • Connection Bootcamp ($229)
  • Group Coaching Calls ($1,200)
  • Monthly Webinars ($420)
  • The Daily Practice Course & Calls
  • Secret Facebook Group
  • Coaching Program Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions


Is This Program Right for Me?

If you’ve suffered from common adult effects of childhood trauma, you’ve probably sought help from professionals like therapists, doctors, and psychiatrists. Maybe you followed their advice -- booked appointments, told your story of what happened, read books, joined groups, swallowed medication, and waited… waited to start feeling better. And maybe it worked. But if you still feel like there’s more for you -- more healing, more connection, more happiness, more success -- then perhaps it’s time you take a bold step up and take charge of your own healing. That’s why Anna created the Crappy Childhood Fairy Member program. It offers immersion in her unique healing techniques and principles. With access to all of Anna's courses, you can learn and practice them quickly or slowly, in whatever order is best for you.


Can I Cancel Any Time I Want?

Annual plans automatically expire after one year. You'll be invited at that time to continue your membership with a second-year discount.


Is There a Refund Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the membership for any reason, you have 72 hours after purchase to request a full refund. For refunds, please email us at [email protected].


What If I Have Questions or Need Support?

You can e-mail us at [email protected]. In addition, once you're enrolled, you’ll receive an email from us that will show you how to access your course materials, register for the live group coaching calls, and join the secret Facebook group. Our technical support team will assist you with any issues you may have.

More Happy Students

"Anna's personal experience and healing approach to CPTSD, along with her easy manners, YouTube videos, courses, Coaching Calls, Daily Practice Zoom meetings, and the Facebook group are all structured to help us on our CPTSD healing journey."

"Your work is SO important. I wish it were available when I was in my 20s because I had no idea what was "wrong" with me despite going to therapy. You explain CPTSD simply, yet your depth of knowledge seems infinite. Anna truly is a unique voice."

"Anna, you've been incredibly helpful to me in my life, almost to the point of being life-saving. You're on the right track and helping many people. Your sincerity, experience with these issues, and love for others are what makes your work so potent."

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