8-Week Coaching Intensive

Learn and practice skills to stay regulated, improve relationships and make positive changes in your life.




Group beginning Saturday June 15

Meets for eight Saturdays 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Time


Led by Cara Alexander



Childhood PTSD Symptoms

That Block You

Finally! A program to support real healing of the adult symptoms of Childhood PTSD and CPTSD.

The Coaching Intensive is based on the techniques and principles you've come to love on Anna Runkle's YouTube channel, website and online courses. Now, with a full eight weeks of teaching and support, you'll learn how to STOP destructive CPTSD reactions and apply real strategies for sustained healing.

  • Identify and calm the triggers that drive your symptoms
  • Increase your mastery of dysregulation of your nervous system and emotions
  • Expand your capacity to connect with others and break isolation
  • Experience true support with your coach and within the group
  • Change the reflexive habits that that hold you back
  • Feel more ease, joy and freedom to become your true self

Coaching program meets for eight Saturdays starting May 25 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.

Admission is limited to fewer than ten participants in each group. Participants are admitted through a two-step application process. Step one is to fill out a simple form, and step two is a short video interview. 

Cost: $1600 single payment, or two payments of $825.

What's Included

In the 8-Week Program?

Now accepting applications for group beginning June 15 
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✓ Eight 90 minute group sessions with your coach, Cara Alexander (on Zoom) using Anna Runkle's 8-week curriculum

✓ A 45-minute 1-on-1 session with your coach (on Zoom)

✓ Fresh content plus self-assessment exercises and teaching videos assigned each week

✓ Private Slack group just for your coaching group, where you can develop a community of support for ongoing healing

✓ One Year of Membership that gives you access to ALL the Fairy courses, member group coaching calls, monthly webinars and more!

Is The 8-Week Coaching Intensive For You?


Who is the Coaching Program for?

The eight-week intensive is open to men and women of all ages, who are fluent in English (anywhere in the world).
  • You're affected by abuse and/or neglect in your childhood, and you want to get free
  • You yearn to have closer relationships, less fear, more confidence, less anger, and more ease overall
  • You're ready to see and work on your own triggers, and learn to calm them
  • Though your CPTSD symptoms flare sometimes, you're in a place where you can be in a group with others, and maintain courtesy and kindness
  • You would value the help of a supportive mentor to help you take positive steps toward the life you want

The Details


The Schedule:

This Group meets on Zoom for eight Saturdays 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific Time. (Full schedule: June 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, Aug 3)


The Cost:

The 8-Week Coaching Program costs $1600 USD (or two payments of $825)

Tuition is discounted $200 for Annual Members, applied at the time of registration.

We're sorry, but no scholarships are available for coaching services. 

[email protected] for more details.


The Process:

Admission is limited to fewer than ten participants in each group. Participants are admitted through a two-step application process. Step one is to fill out a simple form, and step two is a short video interview.


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Here's what other Coaching Intensive participants say about the program

"My overall experience with CCF coaching, videos and group is life changing. I am different as a result. I am better. I am regulated. I am hopeful. I moved from a place of blaming everyone and everything lese to a place of acknowledgement and accountability. I found peace for the first time. Thank you Anna and Cara."


"It is such a relief to be in a room where there is a solution to the long term effects of having CPTSD. Since I finally know what I'm up against, I'm relieved I'm not alone. I have been able to make better decisions during very life changing circumstances as the result of doing the Daily Practice and by learning from Anna's teachings and the mentorship of Cara. My Recovery is ongoing and I tell everyone who wants to know about the Daily Practice how much it's a game changer. Truly, I let them know it saved my life and the quality of my life. It's a simple solution to a complex and complicated brain and I will be forever grateful. Do it. Your life will get better."

"I feel like I finally got the memo! I discovered the Crappy Childhood Fairy on YouTube and decided to join the coaching intensive because Anna was providing concrete, practical suggestions to address CPTSD. Having been to years of therapy and spent years exploring the world of self-help, there were still things that were a mystery to me. The coaching intensive allowed me to become aware of things that used to be huge blind spots. Being part of a community of others on a journey to heal from CPTSD has been incredibly valuable. I've gained new awareness that has allowed me to have more peace and confidence in my life and there is more and deeper connection in my relationships. Those close to me have noticed it too. I'm thankful to Anna and Cara and thankful to be on this healing journey and part of the Crappy Childhood Fairy community."


"I really enjoyed the coaching intensive as it opened my eyes to some blind spots that I had. I also found it very encouraging to be part of a group that gave me the feeling of being understood and appreciated by the other members. I think this course really helped me to make some major progress in my healing journey."


"Cara encouraged and supported us during these 8 weeks. I felt at ease with her, although English is not my native language. When a member was a bit overwhelmed, she said the right words. She had a positive vibe.
I realize this coaching is just the beginning, we get the tools now to work in our garden of life, step by step. I believe it will be beautiful..."






Meet Your Coach

Cara Alexander has served for more than ten years as a counselor and coach in her professional life, and as a mentor in 12-step fellowships for more than a decade. A longtime participant in Crappy Childhood Fairy programs, she specializes in supporting those learning to use and deepen their Daily Practice techniques. She also provides customer support and moderates the secret Facebook Group for members. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Need One-on-One Coaching? You can book time with Cara for general support and help with the techniques. Click here for pricing and schedule.

Meet The Fairy

Creator of the 8-Week Coaching Intensive

Anna Runkle is best known as "The Crappy Childhood Fairy," and is the creator of the popular YouTube channel, blog and courses where she has taught more than 150,000 women and men worldwide her techniques and principles to heal the CPTSD. To support students in more fully integrating the techniques and principles she teaches, Anna created the popular 8-Week Coaching Intensive in 2020. (All course materials for the program are pre-recorded by Anna.) She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two sons.

Other Coaching and Mentorship Options


Want individual coaching with Anna or Cara? Get details here. 

Seeking a lower-cost option? Join the Membership program (just $499 a year) and access to twice-monthly group coaching calls (Q&A style) on Zoom, plus full access to my courses. 

Need a no-cost option? Join the free Daily Practice course. You'll be invited to twice-monthly free Zoom calls where we practice the technique together. 



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