CPTSD and the Temptation to ISOLATE:  

How to Heal Loneliness and Find Ease in Connections with Others

A 90-Minute Zoom Webinar with Anna Runkle

Tuesday, Nov 15, 10:00-11:30 AM Pacific Time

Join me live in this webinar where I'll teach about common ways that Complex PTSD can impact your ability to feel comfortable and form (and keep) connections with friends, family, partners, and co-workers. You'll learn strategies you can use every day to build your "connection muscle" and manage trauma responses that have damaged relationships in the past.

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People with CPTSD can enjoy warm, fulfilling relationships. But common symptoms can get in the way.

Identify common signs that past trauma has impacted your ability to connect.

People with CPTSD often struggle to feel comfortable, present and open with other people, and may unconsciously gravitate to isolation and loneliness as  the path of least resistance. 

Learn practical strategies to calm symptoms and enjoy love, friendship, and a sense of belonging with others.

I'll teach you techniques and principles that allow you to successfully handle conflicts, disappointments and challenges that you once avoided by keeping people (overtly or covertly) at arm's length

Get your questions answered in a Q&A session with Anna.

We'll have ample time for me to take questions from individual participants about your particular challenges with connection/loneliness, and how you can apply Crappy Childhood Fairy methods to break free of old limitations.

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Price: $35

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Anna Runkle, Your Host

I teach people to recognize and heal the symptoms of CPTSD and Childhood PTSD. I'm not a doctor or therapist; I’m someone who had a rough childhood, and for more than 28 years, I've been teaching others my methods for healing. I'm glad you're here!



 Since this call is on Zoom, do I have to have my camera on? No, it's not necessary to have your camera on. When Anna takes questions she'll open the microphone of the person raising their hand, but otherwise, all mics except hers will be muted. 

Can anyone ask a question? There will be an opportunity for several questions. Anna requires that you ask your question AS a question with just a little background, if needed: She will use the time to answer as many questions as possible, and cannot provide full coaching to any one person.

Do I have to attend live? No, you don't need to attend live. A replay link will be sent to all registrants within 24-hours of the live webinar.

Will other participants see my name? If you want to be sure no one sees your name, change your Zoom settings before the call, or, once you join, change your name by overing over your name in the Participants list. If you need help with that it's suggested you Google help for your specific Zoom questions.

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