Overcoming Underearning

Practical Steps to Raise Your Worth and Earn More

A 90-Minute Zoom Webinar with Anna Runkle

Earning what you need, getting paid fairly and growing professionally are essential to a stable and meaningful life. But a history of abuse and neglect in childhood can be a huge disadvantage.

Perhaps you received negative messages about money and work from your parents. Or you have lived for years in survival mode and can't seem to break free. Or your CPTSD symptoms have made it hard for you to focus and put in the time to advance your career. 

In this 90-minute webinar I teach you common trauma-driven thinking patterns that can hold you back, plus practical steps to increase what you can charge and earn, and do good work you enjoy.

Price: $45



Dysfunctional families with money problems can't give you the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to earn a good living.

Free yourself from poverty thinking and take back your power to earn more. 

Deprogram yourself from old beliefs that make you anxious (or even ashamed) to reach for bigger goals or have the money and professional growth you need.

I'll teach you to charge more for your time and raise the value of your work.

Overcome helplessness and blame and instead take smart actions that make your work worth more to clients and employers.. then learn to ask for what you're worth. 

Determine clear next steps to start changing your life.

Watch Anna answer questions from webinar participants to gain clarity on your particular goals and obstacles.

Meet Anna Runkle

Anna Runkle leads a movement to help people worldwide to heal trauma symptoms and change their lives -- whether or not they have access to professional help. More than 500,000 people subscribe to her YouTube channel, blog, courses and coaching programs, where she teaches the principles and techniques she has used to recover from her own Childhood PTSD. Her approach includes simple, self-directed exercises to calm emotional triggers and neurological dysregulation, and to begin changing the self-defeating behaviors that are common for people who have lived much of their lives dysregulated. She lives with her husband and two sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.