Escape the Prisonof Romantic Obsession and Open Your Life to Real Love

A 90-Minute Zoom Webinar

with Anna Runkle

In this webinar, I teach about the CPTSD symptom that is seldom discussed -- an obsession or infatuation with someone who will not be with you, and the pain, loneliness and detachment from life that often follows. Learn strategies to break the grip of limerence and make your life obsession-proof, opening the way for authentic and mutual relationships in the future.

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People with CPTSD can enjoy great love. But trauma wounds can keep you attached to fantasy relationships. 

Identify common signs that your romantic feelings are limerent.

People who were neglected in childhood, or whose emotional needs were not met, are prone to sacrifice emotional energy for relationships that are not real, or cannot be reciprocated. This blocks the ability to find or nurture real relationships.

Learn practical strategies to free yourself from patterns of obsession and unfulfillment.

I teach you real-life techniques to release unrequited love and heal past and present-day wounds that keep you trapped in "fantasy." 

Determine clear next steps to start changing your life.

Hear my answers questions from webinar participants to gain clarity on your particular relationship situation and how you can apply Crappy Childhood Fairy methods to free yourself from the prison of obsession.

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Price: $45


Meet Anna Runkle

Anna Runkle leads a movement to help men and women worldwide to heal trauma symptoms and change their lives -- whether or not they have access to professional help. More than 350,000 people subscribe to her YouTube channel, blog, courses and coaching programs, where she teaches the principles and techniques she has used to recover from her own Childhood PTSD. Her approach includes simple, self-directed exercises to calm emotional triggers and neurological dysregulation, and to begin changing the self-defeating behaviors that are common for people who have lived much of their lives dysregulated. She lives with her husband and two sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.