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CPTSD and the Temptation to ISOLATE

In this webinar, I teach the common ways that Complex PTSD can impact your ability to feel comfortable and form (and keep) connections with friends, family, partners, and co-workers. You'll learn strategies you can use every day to build your "connection" muscle and manage trauma responses that have damaged relationships in the past.

CPTSD & Dysregulation: How to Spot and Heal This Core Trauma Symptom

In this webinar, I will teach you what dysregulation is and why it's so important to heal it. You will learn practical steps you can take to notice when dysregulation is happening, as well as techniques to quickly re-regulate, restoring your ability to relax, connect, and focus.

CPTSD & Shame: Heal Mistakes and Develop Clarity and Confidence

In this webinar, I walk you through a process to identify "free-floating" vs. "earned" shame, including steps to set things right in your life and release the judgment of others that hold you back. Following these steps will teach you how to let go of shame and experience a more fulfilling life.

The REAL You: Discover the Gifts You Are Meant to Bring to the World

A history of trauma can trap you in survival mode, and rob you of the chance to find your calling in life—to discover your "gifts." Each person usually has one or two gifts that are given to you for the good of the world. When you discover and develop your gifts, the REAL you begins to shine.

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Meet Your Instructor

I'm Anna Runkle, and I'm the creator and founder of the Crappy Childhood Fairy YouTube channel and website.

I am a trauma survivor (not a doctor or therapist) using recent research and my own experience recovering from the effects of childhood trauma to offer guidance on recovery from CPTSD. My simple but radical approach supports healing, whether you have access to professional help or not.

For 25+ years, I have taught my techniques and principles to more than 800,000 people around the world. I live with my husband and two sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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No, there's no live event to attend. The webinars are recorded videos that are available at all times.


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After your purchase of the Webinar Bundle: Transformation, you will have indefinite access.


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You may request a refund up to 24 hours after your order and receive the full amount minus transaction fees (about 4%). To request a refund, please contact our support team at [email protected].