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Trauma Reactions That Ruin Relationships: Heal the Urges to Control, Cling and Escape

High-drama relationships often plague individuals who experienced neglect and abuse in their upbringing. These dynamics are fueled by trauma-driven reactions characterized by an instinct to control, cling, or withdraw from intimacy. In this webinar, you'll gain invaluable insights into managing intense stressors and reshaping your social interactions with loved ones.

CPTSD & Covert Avoidance: How to Stop Hiding in Plain Sight

In this 2-hour webinar, I teach a trauma symptom no one talks about -- staying emotionally disconnected WHILE going through the motions of a connected life. This can affect you even if you're married, in a relationship, and active with friends -- holding others at arm's length, avoiding commitments, and shying away from opportunities that require you to step up and be present.

Healing Emotional Dysregulation

Early trauma can injure your nervous system's ability to process negative emotions. In this 90-minute webinar, I teach you about emotional dysregulation -- how it happens, how to recognize it, and strategies for self-regulation so you can feel and express a full range of emotions at the right time and in healthy ways.

CPTSD & Codependency: Reclaim Your Identity and Your Power

In this webinar, I show you the TRUE cost of unhealed codependency and how to recognize it in your own life. I’ll teach you how it begins and the steps you can take to begin healing right away. Uncover the power of breaking free from codependency as you embark on a journey toward healthier relationships.

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Meet Your Instructor

I'm Anna Runkle, and I'm the creator and founder of the Crappy Childhood Fairy YouTube channel and website.

I am a trauma survivor (not a doctor or therapist) using recent research and my own experience recovering from the effects of childhood trauma to offer guidance on recovery from CPTSD. My simple but radical approach supports healing, whether you have access to professional help or not.

For 25+ years, I have taught my techniques and principles to more than 800,000 people around the world. I live with my husband and two sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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No, there's no live event to attend. The webinars are recorded videos that are available at all times.


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After your purchase of the Webinar Bundle: Healing Connections, you will have indefinite access.


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