Positive  Shared Custody  

Five Commitments to STOP The Drama and Bring Long-Term Harmony To Your Family

Price: $65 


You can raise happy kids and successfully

co-parent with your ex -- even if you're the only one practicing these strategies.

Hear from real parents how to transform your co-parenting relationship. 

We know the intense, seemingly out-of-control emotions that arise when parents break up (because we've been there). The sooner you can break the cycle of conflict, the sooner you can build a functioning, two-household family.

Learn practical steps to reduce fighting and increase cooperation and harmony.

We'll teach you to shift hurt feelings to a genuine investment in your ex's success as a parent (and teach you the red flags to watch for that signal trouble).

We'll show you tips to help your kids (and you) feel happier and more secure.

Children feel more confident and secure when their parents work together on parenting, schedules, homework, and rules of behavior. We help you develop working guidelines that help you and your ex become happier and more successful as co-parents.



About the Instructors 

Anna Runkle and Tim Fricker are the divorced parents of two young adult sons. Tim is a family law attorney based in Oakland, California. Anna is the creator of the popular Crappy Childhood Fairy courses and YouTube channel, and teaches adults to heal from the effects of trauma in their childhood.

Our first years of co-parenting after separation were high-conflict, and sad and stressful for the whole family. Gradually we learned a better way to work together, along with our respective new spouses, to help each other succeed in becoming the best parents we could be.

One day when the kids were teenagers, we had a funny conversation where we admitted (at last) all the clever strategies we'd used in the worst days after our divorce to avoid setting off arguments. What we learned from each other amazed us. We realized that -- separately, and then together -- we had devised a path that other parents could use to heal and create functional two-household families too. The result is this course, that we share the hope that you and your children will thrive in your new way of life.


What's Included: 

The course contains five videos totaling an hour of content, plus a downloadable PDF that summarizes key points you'll want to remember.
  • Calm the Inner Storm
  • Put the Kids Long-term Well-being FIRST
  • Raise the Bar on Your Communication
  • Make Your Two-Household Family a Functional Family
  • Know Your Red Lines and Be Willing to Act On Them
  • Download: Positive Shared Custody Course Takeaways 


Who should enroll in Positive Shared Custody?

The course is appropriate for divorced and separated parents who are experiencing conflict in their relationship, and who seek more harmony and cooperation in co-parenting their kids.


Do both parents have to take the course to work?

No. It's nice if both people want to learn these strategies together, but most students take the course by themselves. In many cases, one person can change the relationship dynamic without the other parent even noticing something has changed.


How long will I have access after purchasing?

After you purchase the Positive Shared Custody course, you will have indefinite access.


What is the refund policy? 

Our courses come with a 72-hour refund guarantee to give students enough time to review the material and make sure it's right for them. To request a refund, please contact our support team at [email protected].