Dysregulation Bootcamp

A 20-day program to help heal emotional and neurological dysregulation from Childhood PTSD and learn to master re-regulation.

Price: $139


The long-term effects of early trauma are not just psychological. They’re neurological.

Could you be experiencing dysregulation?
  • Do you have a tendency to “space out” at odd times? Do you have difficulty paying attention, or remembering important things?
  • Do you often feel clumsy or scattered, trying to do a lot of things at once and finishing nothing?
  • Do emotional upsets wreck your ability to focus or be productive, sometimes for several hours or even days?

Is dysregulation affecting you now?

Watch this to decide.


Dysregulation can make you feel overwhelmed, unfocused, and stuck. The good news is, you can start feeling better  today.

Enjoy mental clarity and more balanced emotions

Build a larger capacity to solve problems and build the life you want

Master the ability to notice symptoms and re-regulate quickly


Until you understand this ONE core symptom, most approaches to healing can’t work

My Dysregulation Bootcamp is different than anything you've tried before:

  • I reveal what dysregulation is, and how you can tell it's happening.

  • I teach simple techniques and a morning routine to help you get regulated and stay regulated throughout the day.

    My approach empowers you to manage your own symptoms whenever needed, and to enjoy more freedom and confidence in your life. 



Take the course that's helped more than 8500 men & women worldwide heal the symptoms of early trauma.

Here's my method for overcoming dysregulation


Learn dysregulation basics

Learn the science of complex trauma and the ways dysregulation can impact every part of your life -- emotions, cognitive function, physical health and relationships.


Identify your triggers

Learn to recognize your triggers that may be activating the tendency of your nervous system to dysregulate (some of them may surprise you).


Compare treatments & solutions

Learn popular approaches to healing and simple tools and workarounds you can use to help sustain long-term healing, year after year.


"This course is life changing!"

"Thanks to Anna Runkle for this impactful teaching on dysregulation, a word I didn't have in my vocabulary before I discovered her. The daily lessons and worksheets are short enough to be easily digested but profound enough to make a difference in how I approach this most nagging obstacle to my growth as a person."


"I can't believe I lived so many years without knowing what was really happening and why. It makes so much sense and I can see it in other dysregulated people now too. I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot about dysregulation and am starting to recognize it when it's happening. I'm really grateful to Anna and the course for helping me to understand myself and others a bit more."


"It is beautiful to experience more and more stillness, trust, and peace inside. For so many years I could not even feel myself anymore. My mind was so busy and constantly in a state of fight or flight, constantly hypervigilant, alert, and never trusting anyone. I am slowly getting comfortable with the calmness that is setting in more and more. Slowly I am getting to know myself. I am not my fear, I am not my anxiety, I am not all this stress and I certainly do not need it in order to function efficiently, on the contrary. I try to be gentle and patient with myself and not judge myself for my thoughts and feelings anymore.I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courses."


"This course revealed amazing tools that I am able to immediately use. By day twenty, I was getting through most days able to identify and mitigate triggers and the effects they have on me. I can safely go about my life while learning about myself. Deepest gratitude for this experience."

"It's difficult for me to find words to describe how much calmer and more serene I feel going into the rest of my day, having done only my first exercise. Astonishing, really. I don't think I've ever felt this calm before in my life. Wow. I'm weeping with joy."


"The information you share quite literally saved me and changed my life. It reduced the feelings of shame, blame, and self-loathing I have acquired and created through my 58 years. I thank you. Lots of love to you and those who support you."


"You're a GODSEND! I had a life coach I gave up on after eight months. I visited 4 to 5 therapists and wanted to leave after the first few sessions. I wasn't getting better -- stuck in the past and negative. You're the first person who could help me, and it's empowering to know simple techniques can help you heal."


"Dysregulation Bootcamp is the best course I have ever taken on the subject of Childhood PTSD and childhood trauma. Thank you so very much. A big hug and warm regards all the way from Frankfurt."

"Not only did this course help me understand a huge issue of mine, it provided useful tools in a solid framework for getting dysregulation under control, being aware of what triggers it, and removing the shame of it. Anna has a huge compassionate heart and knows that everyone comes to this course in a different space and allows for that. Soooo many people could use this information!"


"More and more I am coming to recognize when I am getting dysregulated or sometimes after I have been. It is like this awareness comes over me, "This is what my dysregulation feels like." I feel this new sense of comfort in being able to recognize it and know that I now have a means of trying to work through it. That is huge for me!"


"You just understand me sooo well. I have all the triggers you list in this bootcamp and now I'm getting valuable tools to accept myself and learn to handle them better. I'm definitely seeing the changes in myself and feel amazing knowing that I'm not alone. I knew for years that I'm carrying emotional baggage from my childhood, but never found any tools that actually helped me until I came across your courses. I'm grateful to you, Anna, thanks a million for putting these courses together."


"I don’t do many courses like this, but Anna is so genuine I found myself pulled in immediately. She gives that rare balance of empathy (she’s been there), support and strength. Like, yes, these things happened to you and had these effects, but here’s what we can do. She’s unpretentious, knowledgeable and never leaves you in a negative place. Really recommend!"

When you buy the course, you'll also receive:

Bonus Downloads ($160 Value)

Four of Anna's most popular PDFS to guide you through the healing process

Guided Relaxation Recording ($40 Value)

One of Anna's most popular MP4s, Sleep Tips for Traumatized People.

Live Calls with Anna ($600 Value)

Invitation to Anna's exclusive, live Daily Practice calls


Money Back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love the course, I'll give you a full refund within 72 hours of purchase.

Zero Overwhelm Guarantee

I've designed this course to be easy to absorb, even when life feels challenging. You'll receive one lesson per day for 20 days.

Don’t let dysregulation rob you of a happy and fulfilling life.

I’ll show you how to notice dysregulation when it happens, re-regulate as quickly as possible, and stay regulated longer.


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Community & Support

Join Group Coaching Calls with Anna,Ā withĀ an invitation to our secret Facebook group, peer-led Daily Practice calls, group support, discounts on coaching and MORE.

Value: $1,200 (included with Membership)

CHOOSE PLAN: $499/yr or $59/mo

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I take this course at my own pace?

New lessons containing a video and a worksheet are released daily at the same time each day. If you miss several days, content from those days will be waiting for you when you return. After it's been delivered, any day's content can be revisited as many times as you like.


Who should enroll in Dysregulation Bootcamp?

This course is for anyone who experiences common symptoms of neurological dysregulation (often associated with CPTSD). It’s designed for those who want to learn to notice dysregulation when it happens, practice re-regulation on the spot, and develop more inner calm, better health, and more stable, fulfilling relationships.


How long will I have access after purchasing?

After you purchase the Bootcamp, you will have indefinite access.


Is this course part of the Membership?

Yes! When you become a member, you can access all my courses, including this one. If you become a member, you'll have access to these courses as long as your membership is active.


What is your refund policy?

Our courses come with a 72-hour refund guarantee to give students enough time to review the materials and make sure it's right for them. To request a refund, please contact our support team at [email protected].