Dating & Relationships For People With Childhood PTSD

Identify and heal trauma-driven dating patterns so you can form a healthy, loving relationship at last.

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Early trauma can negatively affect your choice of partners, and your capacity to build a happy, stable relationship.

Has past abuse or neglect harmed your love life?
  • You've suffered in the past with partners who were unavailable, inappropriate, or not in love with you
  • You long for a committed relationship or marriage that's free from drama and full of love and security
  • You're ready to honestly face and heal the self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that have held you back

Wondering if your romantic life can heal?
Watch this to decide.


With healing, people with Childhood PTSD CAN have happy relationships

Clear away obstacles that are keeping you stuck, alone or unhappy with the wrong person

Learn to slow the dating process to avoid overwhelm and build a mutual commitment before you become attached

Discover how to turn on your “cab light” and attract healthy, loving, emotionally available people


You want a loving partner and a happy relationship, but the wounds of trauma have sabotaged this dream again and again

My Dating & Relationships Course is different than anything you've tried before:

  • I'll guide you to define what you really want in a relationship, and the characteristics of your ideal partner.

  • My approach helps you identify and heal trauma-driven behaviors that have ruined your relationships and blocked your choice of good partners in the past.

  • I'll teach you my Structured Dating program, which helps you get to know potential mates before a deep attachment forms. No more rushing in, or forging bonds with the wrong people.


Change Negative Patterns and Learn Strategies for Healthy Dating and Lasting Love

Here's my method for healing the effects of past trauma on your romantic life


Get clear what you really want

Stop accepting crumbs and compromising on what's important. Commit to saying no to anything less,


Spot trauma-driven thinking and behavior

Identify and heal self-defeating patterns like rushing in, magical thinking, clinging,  controlling, and "crapfit."


Give yourself the structure you need

Set a slow and healthy pace to stop wasting time on unavailable, inappropriate people and build genuine, lasting love.


"This course is life changing!"

“As I continued the course, I began to feel hopeful about the future. I look forward to meeting my ideal partner and mutually building a strong, loving relationship together. I have the tools and guidelines to follow, and for that, I am extremely grateful.”


"It was no accident that I found this course… the most current research with common sense solutions that over time remedy an insidious lifelong handicap to dating & relationships!"


"I really needed this course and found it very helpful. I had no idea how to approach dating and actually get very triggered and dysregulated even just on first dates. I’ve never been in a relationship and I’m 30. So this info will help me."

"Due to CPTSD my dating life has been like stumbling around in the dark with eyes closed, holding on to people even when I didn't know if they were good or bad for me. Lots of unrequited love, limerence and even marrying someone I did not truly want. Thanks to this course I finally see some hope. There are actual steps I can take. No more stumbling around in the dark. I'm sure it might still be a bit bumpy, but I will give this a go and am excited about it ♥"


"This is a great course, both in content and form. I completed it three months ago. I'm now less anxious in the presence of men and more authentic. Usually, I don't keep a regular pace in courses. But I easily did with this one. Thank you, Anna!"


"I loved Anna's insight and her teaching style. This course was very informative for my CPTSD brain... I have done a lot of things wrong in the past during my search for genuine love and connection but I now at least know why!!!"

"After decades of various therapies, some of which helped a great deal, I was still confused about a lot of things. Then came The Crappy Childhood Fairy. REAL explanations to a very confusing condition!!! Thank the Gods!"


"This course put everything together for me. It teaches you what you need, what kind of partner would be good for you, and the PRACTICAL skills to keep yourself emotionally regulated. This was the most helpful thing. So thank you Anna! I'm very hopeful."


"The course challenged me to take stock of my dating life by becoming more intentional as opposed to just randomly and nonchalantly embracing anyone that shows me attention"

When you buy the course, you'll also receive:

Bonus Downloads ($160 Value)

Four of Anna's most popular PDFS to guide you through the healing process

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Two of Anna's most popular MP4s on topics including better sleep and bringing more good into the world

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Invitation to Anna's exclusive, live Daily Practice calls


Money Back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love the course, I'll give you a full refund within 72 hours of purchase.

Zero Overwhelm Guarantee

I've designed this course to be easy to absorb, even when life feels challenging. Go at your own pace and rhythm.

Don't spend another day hooked on unavailable, inappropriate or unhealthy people.

Now you can clear away the people and relationships that don’t work, and step onto the path to successful partnership.


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Healing Childhood PTSD

Best place to start: Explore emerging science, newly understood symptoms, and practical strategies for healing and changing your life.

Regular Price: $269

Dating and Relationships

Change trauma-driven relationship patterns and learn to choose the right person and build lasting love.

Regular Price: $239

Dysregulation Bootcamp

Learn to notice dysregulation - what triggers it, how it affects you, and how to re-regulate (and stay regulated more of the time).

Regular Price: $139

Connection Bootcamp

Step-by-step instruction to break your isolation and create more trusting, authentic, and happy relationships with the people in your life.

Regular Price: $229

The Daily Practice

Brief and powerful course teaches you the specific techniques to help calm CPTSD symptoms. These are the foundation of all my teachings.

Regular Price: FREE

Community & Support

Join Group Coaching Calls with Anna, with an invitation to our secret Facebook group, peer-led Daily Practice calls, group support, discounts on coaching and MORE.

Value: $1,200 (included with Membership)

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should enroll in Dating & Relationships For People With Childhood PTSD?

The course is appropriate for women and men of any age who want to change trauma-driven patterns, and take steps to form a healthy, committed relationship.


How long will I have access after purchasing?

After you purchase Dating & Relationships For People With Childhood PTSD, you will have indefinite access.


Is this course part of the Membership?

Yes! When you become a member, you can access all my courses, including this one. If you become a member, you'll have access to these courses as long as your membership is active.


What is your refund policy?

Our courses come with a 72-hour refund guarantee to give students enough time to review the materials and make sure it's right for them. To request a refund, please contact our support team at [email protected].