The Daily Practice

Learn the techniques that can help calm stress and increase mental focus -- a great boost for healing brain dysregulation and other symptoms of Childhood PTSD and Complex PTSD.

  • Three videos (about 40 minutes) with downloadable instructions to help you learn and try these simple techniques.
  • Use them any time, anywhere, whether or not you have access to professional help.

"Simple and immediately helpful!"

"Anna Runkle is delightful. This course gave me a huge emotional release just after watching the videos and doing the meditation. The guidance of writing my fears and resentments is immensely helpful. Thank you."

 "Simple and Immediately Helpful. After my first day of writing and meditating, I already feel so much lighter and I have hope."

"Perfectly bite-sized, simple course! Very actionable. Easy to go at my own pace. Review. Rewind. Fast forward. Absolutely practical and easy to put into practice on my own time!"

Some of the Reasons You Might Benefit from The Daily Practice

  • Did you grow up with abuse, neglect, poverty, or exposure to violence, addiction or alcoholism, or other chronic, intense stress?

  • Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by your emotions, in a way that you might describe as "over-sensitive" or "over-reactive?"

  • When you get into a dark mood, do you have trouble getting out of it?

  • Do you have problems with memory, paying attention, working consistently on tasks until they're complete?

  • Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, addiction, or alcohol problems of your own?

  • Does the way you express anger cause problems in your relationships, your work, or your life?

  • Does your mind sometimes feel like a "hamster wheel" of anxious thoughts, making it hard to relax or sleep when it's time?

  • Do you instinctively crave an easy, natural way to calm your brain and emotions, and start feeling happier and freer from old problems? 


"Life-saving course!"

"Life-saving course! All my life I have done things that I knew weren't right but I couldn't understand why I impulsively did them anyway. I am so thankful that I found Anna and [her work]. I am so thankful to have found this method that is worth more than gold! And this course was free!!"

"It took me a long time to differentiate between me and the emotions that were dictating my life. I would literally feel how the emotion would take over my body and how it became my identity. My 1st day of doing The Daily Practice allowed me to create the space needed to see myself from a different perspective and to realize “ I am not the anger.” That was a huge realization and necessary to begin the process of change. Thank you Anna for this remarkable gift."

"The Daily Practice is the first tool that has allowed me to feel like I can have a real influence on my dysregulation. Knowing I’m not alone in experiencing these issues, and that so many others are out there using this technique helps me immensely. Thank you, Anna!"

So... Ready to Give it a Try?


Anna Runkle is the creator of the popular Crappy Childhood Fairy YouTube channel, blog and courses. She recovered from her own Childhood PTSD and teaches others to heal the brain dysregulation that so often flows from early trauma. Once people have learned to re-regulate, she helps them change self-defeating behaviors common to people who experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and exposure to addiction and violence while young. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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What Daily Practice Students Have to Say..


"Immediately felt calmer and more clear."

"Been in therapy for years, but i never tried writing down my fears and resentments. This course has helped me tremendously – cannot thank you enough."

"Amazing! So simple yet so powerful!"

"Thank you so much for giving me these tools to apply in my daily life. I immediately felt much calmer and more clear after practicing it for the first time. I am confident that it will help me move forward!"