Crappy Childhood Fairy LIVE in LONDON!

One-Day Workshop

Saturday, July 27 2024

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


St John's Church Waterloo 

73 Waterloo Road

London SE1 8TY


Price: £170 

 Catered lunch will be provided


Come soak up some healing...

  • Learn next-level strategies for noticing and calming dysregulation¬†and other symptoms of early trauma
  • Practice group¬†exercises to master quick re-regulation¬†so you can feel better fast
  • Identify the hidden trauma reactions¬†that stop you from moving forward, and gain support to break free
  • Chart your path toward improved relationships¬†(romantic and otherwise) and protect against co-dependence, limerence, magical thinking and "crapfit!"
  • Time for the Daily Practice¬†my favorite way -- as a group!
  • Change your life for the better
  • Enjoy a catered lunch with new friends¬†who walk the same healing path as you
  • Validation, celebration, and PLENTY of time for Q&A. Hope you can make it!¬†
Price: £170

Meet New Friends Who Walk This Path of Healing Just Like You. 


About Anna Runkle

Best known as "The Crappy Childhood Fairy," Anna is the creator of the popular YouTube channel, blog and courses where she has taught more than a million women and men worldwide her techniques and principles to heal symptoms of CPTSD. Anna is not a therapist or doctor. Her methods were developed through her research, her one-on-on mentoring of hundreds of women over the years, and her direct experience healing her own symptoms of early trauma. Anna lives in Oakland, California with her husband and two sons.

Here's what past  attendees have to say...


"Getting to meet Anna and feel her heart in this work firsthand… was like meeting an answer to years of prayer. She enters the room and a palpable energy flooded the space. She shares her story, her laughter, her knowledge, and most of all, encouragement that there is hope. This information is on the cutting edge of mental health; From my heart to yours. I am so grateful to have met you and shared that experience. The world needs this work!"
Christina M. (Tucson event, 2022).


"My experience at The Fairy’s NYC workshop was profound and life changing. Walking into a room full of people that are also battling CPTSD gave me an instant sense of belonging. Hearing Anna tell her story and witnessing her bravery in sharing her healing journey so others can heal has been so inspirational! We love our Fairy!"
Shannon O. (NYC event, 2022)


"What a great experience meeting Anna and her team! Even though I've watched lots of her videos, it was nice hearing the concepts in person - she is so genuine. I would do it again. Nice to know we are not alone in this journey."
Anne B. (Tucson event, 2022)

"Anna, meeting you and your family and team in NYC today was such an amazing experience. For once, my son and I felt like we were exactly where we belonged. The sense of community in that room was unlike anything I have experienced before. YOU are an extraordinary person and are literally changing lives! To anyone who has an opportunity to see the Fairy, don’t hesitate… your life will be forever changed, and you will be well on your way to healing! We love you and are so grateful for you, Anna!""
Shannon N. (NYC event, 2022)


"What a great experience meeting Anna and her team! Even though I've watched lots of her videos, it was nice hearing the concepts in person - she is so genuine. I would do it again. Nice to know we are not alone in this journey."
Anne B. (Tucson event, 2022)


"I feel so fortunate to have attended the NYC workshop led by Anna. Her eagerness to help mend the negative behaviors that often block our capacity to lead a full and happy life was evident in every aspect of her program. The attendees were caring and supportive, and it was a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. Thank you, Anna, for traveling to NY with your family. It was a pleasure to meet you and to attend the workshop, and I highly recommend and eagerly look forward to your future events!"
Deborah C. (NYC event, 2022)

"Seeing the Crappy Childhood Fairy live in Berkeley, California was genuinely life changing. For those of us with childhood trauma, it's such a validating experience to hear the stories & the truth of someone as honest, vulnerable and empowering as Anna. I love her videos but sitting next to her as she reflects the raw truth of her life made me a different person. If she can rise, I can rise."
Kimberly (Berkeley, CA event, 2022)


"My experience at the Berkeley workshop was incredible. Finally!! Someone who can name the symptoms in non clinical terms. Being around others like me with childhood trauma was so healing. I found a group that makes me feel less “crazy”. Anna and Cara are amazing hosts. The social activities were very insightful and more proof that I’m not alone. Going to dinner with the group was another opportunity to laugh, express thoughts, and eat dessert. I found my people. Much love to you if you are considering going to one of these events. I encourage you to attend and join the group where you can be yourself and feel accepted. Welcome!"
Joanna B. (Berkeley, CA event, 2022)


Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

Please bring notebook and pen/pencil (we'll be doing the Daily Practice) and snacks if you'd like. Coffee, tea and water will be provided, as well as a catered lunch with vegetarian options.

 Can I bring children? 

This will be an uplifting event, but sometimes hard stories are discussed and are not appropriate for kids. 

Will I have a chance to ask a question? 

There will be ample time for Q&A.

What Is the refund policy? 

You may request a full refund (minus transaction charge of about 4%) until two weeks before the event (July 13). No refunds are available after that. 

Questions? Reach out to my team at [email protected]