CPTSD and Structured Dating:

Guidelines for Creating The Loving Relationship You Deserve

A 90-Minute Zoom Webinar with Anna Runkle

Our culture tells us we can casually hang out or hook up with anyone who attracts us, and sooner or later, one of those partners will turn out to be "The One." But for those of us with attachment wounds from childhood, this casual approach can be devastating. It can activate old traumas and push you to attach too early and hold on too long -- to people who are not truly available or appropriate.

In this webinar I show you a new and more structured approach to dating that helps you bypass painful patterns, and gradually build a happy, reciprocal love relationship instead. 

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 Falling for unavailable people is a common pattern for people with attachment wounds.  Structured dating helps you break the pattern

Discover why "normal" dating culture can sabotage people with CPTSD.

Other people's standards around sex don't always work for people who were abused, abandoned or neglected as children. I'll teach you to recognize your vulnerabilities and why you may have chosen unavailable and inappropriate partners.

Learn my step-by-step system to detect incompatibility (and unavailability) before you become attached.

I'll show you how to pace the the progression of relationships and ensure that your partner is trustworthy and reciprocates your feelings.

Get your questions answered in Q&A session with me.

I take questions from individual participants about their particular goals and obstacles.

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Price: $45



Meet Anna Runkle

Anna Runkle leads a movement to help people worldwide to heal trauma symptoms and change their lives -- whether or not they have access to professional help. More than 500,000 people subscribe to her YouTube channel, blog, courses and coaching programs, where she teaches the principles and techniques she has used to recover from her own Childhood PTSD. Her approach includes simple, self-directed exercises to calm emotional triggers and neurological dysregulation, and to begin changing the self-defeating behaviors that are common for people who have lived much of their lives dysregulated. She lives with her husband and two sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.