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Full Terms of Service

This is an in-person event, which means that we will provide you with tools teaching and worksheets and customer support (for pre-event information and technical support).

Since Anna and the team members are not therapists or clinicians, our programs are for educational purposes only. Nothing we offer can take the place of the care of a licensed mental health or clinical professional. We can offer suggestions based upon personal experience and study of literature, but we are not qualified to provide diagnosis or treatment advice. If you disagree with any of these lessons or suggestions, you are encouraged to just take what you like and leave the rest. 

Obviously, we cannot guarantee any particular results for any individual. Your results will depend on many factors, among them, the symptoms and difficulties you now have, the effort you put into healing, and your openness to change. We sincerely hope the teaching, encouragement, and tools will assist you in your own work in these areas! Remember: YOU are in charge of your healing in these courses and in everything else! 

Group etiquette: 

We aspire to help everyone who enters the Crappy Childhood Fairy student community to feel safe, supported, and understood! To help this happen, we require everyone who participates in live events to be courteous, and to refrain from comments/ behaviors that are divisive, threatening, or demeaning to others. 

It is impossible to be perfectly specific about this, but it helps to remember the golden rule – treat others as you would like to be treated! Here are a few pointers: 

  • Please don’t discuss politics here. This is a diverse and inclusive community in every sense. 
  • It’s OK to mention one’s religion (or lack of it), but we ask that there be no proselytizing or pushing on others. 
  • You may refer to outside approaches to health, healing, and CPTSD treatment, but we ask that you not promote them or “push” them on others, nor criticize others’ approaches. 
  • It’s OK to mention to others that you have a thought/suggestion for them, but wait until they say “yes” to your offer to tell them about it.
  • Our goal is to keep the focus on what everyone has in common in this community, which is the Crappy Childhood Fairy program and how people are applying it in their lives. 

Abuse policy: 

In our work with traumatized people, we sometimes encounter individuals who become intense, harsh, or even abusive, so we make this policy clear to everyone who becomes a student, team member, or client. 

Abuse is defined as name-calling, making threats (physical, social or professional); intentionally disclosing private information or attempting to harm the reputation of others; harassment (calls or e-mails to someone who has explicitly said not to contact them); or discussing matters that are (at our discretion) deemed to be too private, too vulgar, too hostile or too divisive for our team or student community. 

For the sake of the group members and the team here, we reserve the right to remove individuals from workshops, courses, calls, online groups, and our mail list at our discretion. We will make reasonable efforts to successfully resolve any problems with our clients, but please know that abusive behavior will always result in removal. 

Refund policy:

Full refund (minus transaction charge of about 4%) until two weeks before the event. No refunds are available after that.

Privacy policy: 

We will not share your personal information – contact info or information you share about your life – with other people. We’ll keep you on our mailing list and send periodic updates, content and offers (unless you opt to unsubscribe).


Please remember: I am not a doctor or therapist. I share my experience in that it may be useful to you in working to heal your life and your symptoms. There is no guarantee that you’ll get the results I have, or that any other student has. Your results will depend very much on you! No information that I publish can take the place of professional evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Please always use your own good judgment about what you decide to follow or try. If you are feeling like hurting yourself or another, it means it’s time to get support. Hang in there! You are loved, and healing is possible.

Need help? If you run into technical problems, or need clarification about the program, you are invited to e-mail us at [email protected]

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Crappy Childhood Fairy LIVE: Berlin

Sunday 11 June 2023, 09:30 to 16:30

GLS Campus Berlin, Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin, Germany

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Refund policy: Full refund (minus transaction charge of about 4%) until two weeks before the event (May 28). No refunds are available after that.


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