Course curriculum

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    RESILIENCE SERIES: Obstacles to Healing and the Strengths to Build for Recovery

    • Resilience Overview
    • From Fear to Freedom: Extended Version
    • From Illness to Vibrancy-- Extended Version
    • From Procrastination to Accomplishment
    • From Avoidance to Inclusion
    • From Confusion to Clarity
    • From Defendedness to Connection
    • From Bitterness to Hope
    • Form Emptiness to Joy
  • 2

    NEW PREMIUM CONTENT! OCT 14 2019: Social Awkwardness and Isolation

    • Has CPTSD Left You with Social Awkwardness?
  • 3

    NEW PREMIUM VIDEO! Sep 12 2019: Healing Perception

    • LONG Did CPTSD Damage Your Perception
  • 4

    NEW PREMIUM VIDEO! SEP 2 2019: The One Worst Thing You Can Do

    • CPTSD Recovery: The One Worst Thing You Can Do (extended version of public video)