A One-Hour Course with Practical Help From REAL Parents

Learn strategies you can use whether the other parent is on board or not.

  • Tips for helping your child feel loved, supported and safe through the divorce process

  • Simple techniques to stop fighting, strengthen communication, and increase HARMONY in the family

  • Time-tested wisdom to help you and your ex navigate common points of conflict like money, homework, and discipline -- as well as when to introduce new partners

  • How to know when parenting differences MATTER, and when it's OK to let the other parent do things their own way

  • How to detect signs of child abuse and neglect under the other parents' care, and what to do if you find them

What We'll Cover

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Happy Families Don't Always Live in One Home

    • 1 Put the Kids' Long-term Well-being FIRST

    • 2 Calm the Inner Storm

    • 3 Raise the Bar on Your Communication

    • 4 Make Your Two-Household Family a Functional Family

    • 5 Know Your "Red Lines" and Be Willing to Act on them

    • Positive-Shared-Custody-Takeaways

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Learn our practical tips for successful parenting after divorce

Meet the Parents

Anna Runkle is an author, teacher & speaker, and the creator of the "Crappy Childhood Fairy" YouTube channel, blog and online courses. Timothy Fricker is a family law attorney. They are the divorced parents of two grown children.

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