Heal The Underlying Problem with Childhood PTSD

The long-term effects of early trauma are not just psychological: They're neurological. Brain and emotional dysregulation is one of the most common signs of Childhood PTSD, and the good news is, you can take steps to start healing today.
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Who Should Join the Bootcamp?

What We'll Cover

Day by day, we'll cover four topic areas, with a video and worksheet delivered to you each day.

  • Understanding Your Own Dysregulation -- learn to notice when you're dysregulated, and what that's like

  • Self-Care for Dysregulation -- quick techniques and a morning routine to support regulation all day)

  • Common Triggers -- including some that may surprise you

  • Treatments and Workarounds to help you sustain long-term healing

Learn to notice dysregulation SOONER, and stay regulated MORE of the time

Dysregulation is at the core of many of the worst symptoms of Childhood PTSD -- the brain fog, the emotional roller coaster, anxiety and depression, and chronic health problems from obesity to cancer to autoimmune disorders. It robs us of our accomplishments, damages relationships and drains us of joy. But healing is possible! It begins when you can catch dysregulation when it happens, and re-regulate as quickly as possible. It's a skill you can learn. When you can stay regulated, you're on more of a level playing field with people who had a normal childhood. Your symptoms get lighter, and you enjoy mental clarity, more balanced emotions, and you have more capacity to heal inside, solve old problems, and build the kind of life you want.
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