Meet the Instructor

Anna Runkle

"The Fairy"

Anna Runkle

Hi it's me, the Crappy Childhood Fairy. As you may know from my blog and YouTube channel, I'm not a doctor or therapist. I’m just someone who grew up affected by Childhood PTSD and the brain dysregulation that so often goes with it. For 25 years I’ve been teaching people my practical techniques and principles that anyone can use, whether or not they have access to professional help.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Video 1: Welcome to the Course
    • Dating Course Contents
    • Video 2: Introduction
    • Video 3: My Story
  • 2

    Part One: Get Your Baseline

    • Video 4: Define What You Want and Write it Down
    • Exercise: Define Your Ideal Life
    • Exercise: Define Your Ideal Partner
    • Video 5: Get your ACE Score
    • Exercise: Your ACE Score
    • Video 6: Understand Dysregulation, the Root of Childhood PTSD
    • Checklist: Signs and Symptoms of Childhood PTSD
    • Exercise: Your Own Signs of Dysregulation
    • Video 7: Ten Emergency Measures to Re-Regulate
    • Instructions: Emergency Measures to Re-Regulate
  • 3

    Part Two: Make a Space for a Period of Change

    • Video 8: Overview of the Daily Practice
    • Overview of the Full Daily Practice
    • Video 9: How I Learned the Daily Practice
    • Video 10: How to Write Fears and Resentments
    • Video 11: How to Meditate
    • How to Meditate
    • Daily Practice FAQs
  • 4

    Part Three: Identify Self-Defeating Behaviors

    • Video 12: Intro to Self-Defeating Behaviors
    • Self-Assessment: Identify Self-Defeating Behaviors
    • Video 13: We're Attracted to Unavailable/Inappropriate People
    • Self-Assessment: Attraction to Unavailable People
    • Video 14: We Get Triggered Around Intimacy
    • Self-Assessment: Triggered by Intimacy
    • Video 15: We Get Too Good at Fitting Ourselves to Crap
    • Self Assessment: Fitting Ourselves to Crap
    • Video 16: We Have Trouble Seeing Our Own Role in Our Problems
    • Self-Assessment: Seeing My Role
    • Video 17: We Have Trouble Being Alone, or Leaving
    • Self-Assessment: Trouble Being Alone
  • 5

    Part Four: Clear Away Obstacles

    • Video 18: Clear Away the Habits/Life Conditions Standing In Your Way
    • Self Assessment: Personal Problems
    • Video 19: Clear Away Attitudes and Beliefs That Stop You
    • Self-Assessment: Attitudes and Beliefs
    • Video 20: End Relationships That Don't Fit
    • Self-Assessment: Relationships That Don't Fit
    • Video 21: How to Break Up with Someone You're Dating
    • How To Break Up
  • 6

    Part Five: Structured Dating

    • Video 22: Why We Need Structured Dating
    • Structured Dating Overview
    • Video 23: Going Slowly
    • Video 24: Making Dates
    • Video 25: Now that You're Dating
    • Video 26: How to Stay Regulated in a Relationship
    • Tips to Stay Regulated in a Relationship
    • Video 27: How to Know if This Person is the One to Marry