This Course is for You If:

  • You grew up with neglect, violence, abuse, poverty or parental alcoholism/addiction

  • You're high-functioning, but your emotions and behaviors sometimes undermine you at work and in relationships.

  • The usual approaches to healing (like therapy) haven't seemed productive --or you're in therapy, but you're ready for a you can manage yourself.

  • You're tired of being held back by your PTSD symptoms and you're ready to take a BIG step toward finally feeling fulfilled.

Take the course that's helped more than 700 men & women worldwide recover from the effects of early trauma.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part One: About Childhood PTSD

    • Healing Childhood PTSD Contents (download first)
    • Video 1: Welcome to the Course
    • Childhood PTSD Signs and Symptoms
    • Video 2: Why this Approach is Different
    • Video 3: How the Course Works
    • Exercise: Your Wildest Dreams
    • Video 4: How I Learned to Heal My Childhood PTSD
    • Video 5: The ACE Study
    • Exercise: Get Your ACE Score
    • Exercise: Taking Stock of Past Trauma
    • Video 6: Trauma and PTSD
    • Video 7: Treatments for Trauma
    • Exercise: Solutions You've Tried
    • Video 8: How to Write Your Fears and Resentments
    • Guide to Writing Fears and Resentments
  • 2

    Part Two: The Underlying Problem: Dysregulation

    • Video 9: Dysregulation of the Brain & Nervous System
    • Exercise: Dysregulation Signs and Symptoms
    • Video 10: Dysregulated Emotions, Impulses and Behaviors
    • Video 11: The Impulse to Escape
    • Video 12: The Impulse to Cling
    • Video 13: The Impulse to Control
    • Exercise: Dysregulated Emotions, Impulses & Behaviors
    • Video 14: Emergency Measures to Re-Regulate
    • Emergency Measures to Re-Regulate
  • 3

    Part Three: Learning to Re-Regulate -- The Key to Recovery

    • Video 15: How the Daily Practice was Developed
    • Video 16: Review -- How to Write your Fears & Resentments
    • Review: Guide to Writing Fears & Resentments
    • Video 17: How to Meditate Twice a Day the Super Simple Way
    • How to Meditate
    • Downloadable MP3: How to Meditate
    • Video 18: How to Set Intentions
    • Exercise: Set Your Intentions
    • Video 19: Get a Buddy
    • Exercise: Get a Buddy
    • Overview: Full Daily Practice
    • Daily Practice FAQs
    • Video 20: NOT Talking About trauma
    • Video 21: Dialing Down Emotions
    • Video 22: Connection and Loneliness
    • Video 23: Exercise and Movement
    • Video 24: Stressful People and Situations
    • Video 25: The Gifts of Re-Regulation
    • Video 26: Using a Journal To Track Dysregulation
    • Exercise: Start a Dysregulation Journal
  • 4

    Part Four: Changing Self-Defeating Behaviors

    • Video 27: Recap of Parts 1, 2 and 3
    • Video 28: The Ways We Re-Traumatize Ourselves
    • Exercise: Identify Self-Defeating Behaviors
    • Video 29: My Old Behaviors, and How I Changed FINAL
    • Video 30: Three Pillars of Change: Principles
    • Video 31: Three Pillars of Change: Readiness
    • CCF 32 Three Pillars of Change: Accountability
    • Exercise: Your Pillars of Change

How the Course Is Structured

We start with the basics about Childhood PtSD, ACEs, and how they can impact your emotions, your relationships, and your chances of finding happiness. Then we go deeper into the role of brain dysregulation in driving PTSD symptoms -- with techniques to help you re-regulate. You'll gain real strategies and support from the course community on Facebook, to identify and transform self-defeating behaviors that are still holding you back.
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Here's What People Are Saying:

"I'm blown away."

"I’m 3/4 of the way through the Healing Childhood PTSD and I’m blown away with how good this is. I’ve tried so many other things before, and I kind of got to the point of thinking, “Well it’s just me... I’m broken." Now I understand why I feel like this, and I have practical steps to get my life back on track. Anna Runkle I think you are an amazing person for sharing what you discovered on your own journey."

"From the bottom of my heart... thank you."

"Thank you Anna for your dedication to helping people. I know we all come from different walks of life and we all have our own versions of sh**y childhoods but for me personally your course has been that light bulb going off, like Aha!! That’s it!! Someone is finally saying something that registers and that I can relate to. No matter how many therapists I went to, none of them ever got to the core of the trauma. Just talking never worked for me. Your course is the first thing I have found that I can relate to and have faith that the proper healing can occur with the right tools and information. From the bottom of my defrosting heart, thank you."

"I have never found something that resonated so deeply"

"I have never found something that resonated so deeply and perfectly with my inner experience before, and I have made a life of seeking and healing. Your work is a breath of fresh air, a cool drink of water, and an empowering reality check. Watching your videos feels like a friendly slap upside the head with a plate of milk and cookies. Thank you!'

"You have given me the most effective tools that I have ever encountered"

"I just have this very great need to thank you. You have given me the most effective tools that I have ever encountered (and I've been searching a very long time), providing me control over my dysregulation and self-regulation. It feels like you've provided me a key to a cage door that I can now open, allowing me to fly free, whenever and wherever I want to go. Thank you so much. For the first time someone makes sense to me. Now maybe I can feel better all the time. I can see light. Thank you."

"I LOVE your work!

"I LOVE your work! It's helped me turn my attention to healing myself instead of focusing on understanding the toxic people. Thank you!!!

Meet Your Instructor

Anna Runkle

"The Fairy"

Anna Runkle

Hi it's me, the Crappy Childhood Fairy. As you may know from my blog and YouTube channel, I'm not a doctor or therapist. I’m just someone who grew up affected by Childhood PTSD and the brain dysregulation that so often goes with it. For 25 years I’ve been teaching people my practical techniques and principles that anyone can use, whether or not they have access to professional help.