Break THROUGH The Childhood PTSD Symptoms That Block You

Finally! a program to support real healing of the adult symptoms of Childhood PTSD and CPTSD.  

The 8-Week Coaching Intensive is based on the techniques and principles you've come to love on Anna Runkle's YouTube channel, website and online courses. Now, with a full eight weeks of teaching and support, you'll learn how to STOP destructive CPTSD reactions and apply real strategies for sustained  healing. 

Identify and calm the triggers that drive your symptoms

Increase your mastery of dysregulation of your brain and emotions

Expand your capacity to connect with others and break isolation

Experience true support with your coach and within the group to change the reflexive habits that that hold you back

Feel more ease, joy and freedom to become your true self


  • Eight 90-minute group sessions with your coach, Jenny Geddes (on Zoom) using Anna's 8-week curriculum
  • 45-minute 1-on-1 session with your coach (on Zoom)
  • Fresh content plus self-assessment exercises and teaching videos assigned each week 
  • Membership in private Slack group just for your coaching group, where you can develop a community of support for ongoing healing
  • One year of Membership that gives you access to all the Fairy courses, Member group coaching calls and more.


Jenny Geddes' Group 12: Meets 8 Sundays from 10:30 AM -12 PM Pacific Time beginning July 10, 2022. Cost is $1600 USD (or two payments of $825)

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Admission is limited to fewer than ten participants in each group. Participants are admitted through a two-step application process:  Step One: Click the "Apply" button to complete a form. If we think you may be a fit, we'll invite you to Step Two:  A 15-minute interview with your coach. 

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Who Is The Coaching Program For?

The Eight-Week Intensive is open to men and women of all ages, who are fluent in English (anywhere in the world).

  • You know you were (and are) affected by abuse and/or neglect in your childhood, and you want to get free

  • You yearn to have closer relationships, less fear, more confidence, less anger, and more ease overall

  • You're ready to see and work on your own triggers, and learn to calm them

  • Though your CPTSD symptoms flare sometimes, you're in a place where you can be in a group with others, and maintain courtesy and kindness

  • You would value the help of a supportive mentor to help you take positive steps toward the life you want


Here's what other Coaching Intensive participants say about the program

  • I took the eight week intensive with Jenny Geddes and it was by far the best money I have spent on dealing with my CPTSD and so much more. I have been dealing with conventional therapy for my CPTSD over three years now and at the age of 58yrs old you become hopeless when nothing seems to relieve you of the depression, sadness, shutting people out, anger, self hatred and that negative inner critic on constant loop plus much more that I didn’t even know affected me on such a deep level. I can’t say enough about this program, for me it was an answer to my prayers to no longer have to live with the constant struggle dealing with CPTSD. Thank you, Anna and Jenny for sharing your gifts to help souls like me. Kathie J Ramos, Newfield, NJ USA

  • Jenny has been a phenomenal coach throughout this 8 week experience, guiding us through the ups and downs usual in this type of journey. She is a great listener and knows how to pull out what you need to see with kindness. She knows when to challenge you and when to let things be. Her presence is very supportive and my one on ones with her have been invaluable. She has been a calming presence for us all and shared her personal path when necessary. It’s always great to know we’re not alone in this. Sussy, Denver, CO

  • I just completed the 8-Week Coaching Intensive and loved it. CPTSD is a part of my life I'm unable to talk about with friends, and years of therapy hasn't got me far in my healing. Being part of a small group of like-minded souls who are struggling with the same issues was an honour. The intimate group allowed a lot of sharing, listening, laughing and crying in a very safe space. The individual and group coaching was invaluable to me. I feel like I can move forward a bit more safely and happily armed with more conviction to do the work required in my healing. I highly recommend this course. Diane W., Toronto, CAN

  • The 8 week Coaching Intensive not only gave me excellent tools to begin and maintain calming my symptoms, [these are] tools that actually work! Working together in a group (something I was initially apprehensive about) brought something even more special to the process through sharing each others’ reflective experiences within such a safe, caring and loving environment was something quite magical. Jenny’s gentle course corrections, devotion and attention to each person in the group helped reassure and inspire me. The one-on-one sessions with here have been pivotal to my healing. I hope she understands how truly grateful I am to her for that kind advice.” T. Dean, Netherlands

  • This course has done more to heal my symptoms of childhood PTSD than years of various other treatments. Over 8 weeks I learned how to calm my triggers, reduce self-defeating behaviors and ultimately focus on my strengths and gifts. I feel calmer, happier and more capable to advance my life in the direction of my dreams. I highly recommend this course! Caroline S., North Carolina, USA

  • One of the best decisionsI made (on a whim!) was to join the Coaching Intensive. I had only seen a few of Anna's videos but knew right away that it hit a chord. To say I have had a wonderful experience would be an understatement. I am so glad I made the decision to join. My awareness of my own CPSTD symptoms has grown and I feel that I will walk away with tools that will really help me deal with my dysregulation, isolation tendencies, and self-defeating behaviors moving forward.” Margaret M., NJ, USA

  • The Coaching Intensive has helped me to fathom the impacts of CPTSD on myself and others, and offers approaches to ease and dislodge fearful emotions in a supportive space. Jenny’s encouragement and coaching has guided me to value the practice of measuring and celebrating any action I take toward my goals. Rosemarie, Ottawa, Canada

What's the Cost?

 $1600 USD (or two payments of $825) 

People with Annual Fairy Membership receive $200 USD off

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About the Coaches

Anna Runkle, best known as "The Crappy Childhood Fairy," is the creator of the popular YouTube channel, blog and courses where she has taught more than 350,000 women and men worldwide her techniques and principles to heal the CPTSD. To support students in more fully integrating the techniques and principles she teaches,  Anna created the popular 8-Week Coaching Intensive in 2020. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two sons.

Jenny Geddes, Based in the UK, Jenny has led coaching programs and provided one-on-one coaching at Crappy Childhood Fairy since 2020. Before becoming a coach, Jenny held management positions in the film, publishing and design industries. Like Anna, she has recovered from the symptoms of Childhood PTSD and understands how hard it can be to navigate life and the world before healing. She is committed to helping fellow survivors find freedom.

Other Coaching and Mentoring Options

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Seeking a lower-cost option?  Join the Membership program (just $499 a year) and access twice-monthly group coaching calls (Q&A-style) on Zoom, plus full access to all my courses.

Need a no-cost option? Join the free Daily Practice course; you'll be invited to twice-monthly free Zoom calls where we practice the technique together.