Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Isolation and Loneliness

    • Video 1: Isolation is Common with CPTSD
  • 2

    Why We Isolate: People Trigger Us

    • Video 2: People Are Triggering! (Extended Version)
  • 3

    Why We Isolate: Social Awkwardness

    • Video 3: We Feel Socially Awkward (Extended Version)
  • 4

    Why We Isolate: Lack of Boundaries

    • Video 4: We Fear We Can't Hold Boundaries
  • 5


    • CCF 22 V3 Connection and Loneliness
    • Has CPTSD Made You TOO Good at Fitting Yourself to CRAP?

Break Free from Isolation

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What others are saying...

"Practical, easy steps I can take to heal, connect to myself and with others."

"I love how the videos and the workbook have given me practical, easy steps I can take to heal, connect to myself and with others, and thereby getting on with living my dreams! Thank you Anna! Your course has really helped me calm down, get grounded, centered and ready to walk through my life with courage, compassion and dignity!"

"I'm having easier relationships with my difficult family members."

"Anna’s tools settle and organise my mind, so I access my best thinking, planning, responses and resources. I’m calmer overall, having easier relationships with my difficult family members, better outcomes at work and with coworkers and enjoying my friends more. I’m less people-pleasing, but ironically more people are pleased with me."

Isolation is Common

Understand Your Triggers & Connect With Others More

Many people with Childhood PTSD & CPTSD are triggered by people and struggle with connection. This 30-min video course covers three key actions you can take to break free of isolation and build safe, genuine connection with friends and others.
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Meet Your Instructor

Anna Runkle

"The Fairy"

Anna Runkle

Hi it's me, the Crappy Childhood Fairy. As you may know from my blog and YouTube channel, I'm not a doctor or therapist. I’m just someone who grew up affected by Childhood PTSD and the brain dysregulation that so often goes with it. For 25 years I’ve been teaching people my practical techniques and principles that anyone can use, whether or not they have access to professional help.